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SPS Online

SPS Online is a comprehensive K-12 learning option offered through the Springfield School District. Imagine learning in an engaging, digitally rich environment anywhere, anytime, with the support of a team of committed teachers and academic mentors, while still accessing select classes and activities offered in Springfield School District schools. Sounds great? It gets even better.

SPS Online offers over many courses for you to choose from, completely free! SPS Online is excited to offer engaging and rigorous courses providing:

  • Customized learning options
  • Individualized support from teachers and mentors
  • FREE course options using Stride by K-12 courses
  • Highly qualified teachers some local some through Stride
  • Schedule flexibility
  • Access to your neighborhood schools for select activities

Watch our orientation video and get a sense of what to expect when you enroll in SPS Online.


Each SPS Online secondary student will be assigned to a teacher or advisor. 

  • Advisors will monitor progress in all courses the student is enrolled in and their main point of contact.
  • Require 2 times per month a virtual meeting with their students to consult with them regarding course progress, academic or technical issues, motivational concerns, or concerns about being on-track toward graduation. This is also an opportunity to build relationships with students since they don’t see the student on a regular basis.
  • Available for support via phone, email, or face to face contact. Face to face student support can be obtained by making an appointment with the SPS Online  teacher/advisor and making arrangements to meet at Brattain Campus located at 425 10th St.  

*SPSOnline students can still join sports, clubs, and extracurricular activities through their home schools!


Technology Requirements

Technology will be provided by Springfield Schools to ensure that all students have easy access to the online curriculum and to allow for quick troubleshooting by our Family Technology Support staff.


SPS High school Program Overview

  • Students can take original credit courses as well as credit recovery courses.
  • Student can take 3 courses per quarter.
  • If the student finishes a course before the end of the grading period, and if time allows, another course can be given to the student. 
  • Daily attendance and work is required in each course but students can complete the lessons anytime during the day at their pace, along with daily google doc check in form.
  • Each student is assigned to a district “Neighborhood School.”
  • Students can access their “Neighborhood School” for select activities (i.e. clubs, events, athletics, etc.).
  • Students in grades 9-12 participate in OAKS and Smart Balance testing.
  • Parent is the learning coach and dedicates significant hands-on time to supporting the student.
  • Students earn  .5 credits for each class passed  and are held to district adopted graduation requirements.
  • Students can earn a Springfield School District diploma and participate in Brattain Campus Graduation Ceremonies if they have completed all district high school diploma requirements. 

In the event that a high school course is not offered by an SPS Online teacher employed by Springfield Public Schools the following duties of the Stride teacher will be:

  • Work with students virtually to integrate state-of-the-art instructional tools and curriculum to engage and instruct.
  • Track each student’s progress and adjust individual learning plans appropriately.
  • Provide one-on-one support and instruction via phone and email.
  • Update parents regularly on your online progress and challenges

Stride teachers will only be used to teach courses that SPS Online teacher/advisors are unable to teach. These courses are typically World Language courses (other than Spanish) and possibly some advanced placement courses not offered by SPS Online teachers.

SPS Middle School Program Overview

  • Students take 4 core academic courses per semester (math, science, language arts, and social studies) and 1 semester of PE and 1 semester of Health. 
  • If they would like elective courses they can concurrently enroll into their home middle school and take related arts courses there upon approval by administration.
  • Students can complete the lessons anytime during the day
  • Students in grades 6-8 participate in Smarter Balanced testing each year
  • Students can access their “neighborhood school” for select activities
  • Courses are mastery based, allowing for remediation and acceleration as needed
  • Daily attendance and work is required in each course but students can complete the lessons anytime during the day at their pace, along with daily google doc check in form.
  • Parent is the learning coach and dedicates significant hands-on time to supporting and delivering content

Typical SPS Online Middle School Schedule

Semester 1
Language Arts
Social Studies 

Semester 2
Language Arts
Social Studies

SPSOnline Grades K-5th Program Overview

  • The elementary-level online system uses a web-based learning management system.  Students only need a computer (a Chromebook or tablet) and a reliable internet connection. 
  • The curriculum provides students instruction through a variety of activities including written pieces, audio clips and video content instruction as well as through interactive games to meet your child's learning style and needs. Not every activity needs to be completed however, all unit assessments do need to be completed.
  • A parent, guardian, or designated family member serves as a learning coach and spends significant hands-on time  to support and deliver content. 
  • Additional Supplies needed to support online lessons are sent directly to the families free of charge. 
  • Required monthly meetings with Stride teachers to access progress and adjust curriculum to meet the individual needs of students.
  • Live virtual weekly sessions available 
  • Learning Coaches are expected each day to login for attendance purposes. 

Tips for how to help your child in the online setting:

  • Create a quiet and distraction free study area in your home for your child.
  • Set your child’s online and offline study schedule.
  • Set academic expectations and hold your child accountable for meeting your expectations with rewards and consequences.
  • Monitor your child’s progress.
  • Communicate frequently with your child’s course instructors and the SPS Online staff.
  • Contact the SPS Online staff directly with questions or concerns as they arise.

The Right Fit

Is online learning a good fit for my student? Online learning requires commitment and effort from families and students. We encourage you to consider the information below before applying. Many families may check boxes in each of the categories below, and that's okay. 
If you have any questions about our online programs or if it will be the right fit for your child, please contact us.

SPS Online Is a Good Fit
for My Student

  • My student is an independent, disciplined learner. 

  • Our family can support my student’s learning at-home.

  • My student is excited about learning at their own pace.

  • My student has access to the Internet.

  • My student is comfortable using computers and reading online.

  • My student can follow a schedule.

  • My student seeks help when needed.

SPS Online May Be a Good Fit
for My Student

  • I feel confident about my student’s chance for success in online learning.

  • Schedule flexibility would be a major benefit for my student.

  • If my student could work at their own pace, they would perform better.

  • With our family support, my student can follow a schedule.

  • My student likes to spend time on a computer.

  • My student has regular access to the Internet.

SPS Online May Not Be
a Good Fit for My Student

  • Online learning is a ‘last resort’ for my student.

  • I want something easier or faster than in-person learning for my student.

  • My student does not usually ask for help on their own.

  • My student does not like to spend time on a computer.

  • We are expecting or prefer a lot of online video lectures.

  • My student struggles to follow a schedule and tends to procrastinate.