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College and Career Supports

Brattain Campus staff are dedicated to helping students prepare for life after high school. Whether students choose to go to college, enter a trade school or apprenticeship, or want to enter the workforce right away, they should be able to feel confident in those choices. It is our mission to ensure every student has access to the information and resources necessary to help them make informed choices about their future.All students who have questions about how to plan for life after high school are highly encouraged to stop by! If you wish to schedule a meeting, click here for the Google form.
Resources and Services include:

  • Help with Naviance and Senior Project to meet personalized learning graduation requirements.
  • Help with financial aid resources:
    • Oregon Promise, FAFSA, ORSAA, OSAC Scholarship Application, etc.
    • Scholarship Research and assistance
  • Military Visits and ASVAB Testing
  • SAT/ACT Resources
  • Career Resources:
    • Job/Internship Searches
    • Resume Building and Review
    • Employability Workshops
    • Job Shadows
    • CTE Events
  • College Resources:
    • Scheduling Visits from College Representatives
    • College planning, admissions testing, essay review, and degree guide research 
    • Assistance with Common App
  • Student Mentoring



Remember to stay on track to graduate you must complete your Naviance Tasks & your extended application.  See your counselor for more information.

            Naviance Link

Extended Application

Insert Senior Naviance Task List

Insert Junior Naviance Task List




NEED MONEY to help pay for College?  Do you know you may qualify for money to help you pay for college?  Let's get started by filling out the FREE application for Federal Student AID (FAFSA) form yet? 

●      How to fill out the FAFSA video

●      FAFSA Application


Lane Community College:

Thinking about going to Lane Community College?

●      How to apply

●      Do you know about all the Short Term Career Pathways at LCC?!



OSAC -Oregon Student Aide- fill out one application, 600 scholarships for Oregon students! Valued at over 10 MILLION Dollars!


Oregon Promise for Community Colleges

            The Oregon Promise is a state grant that helps cover tuition costs at any Oregon community college for high school graduates and GED test graduates. Students must apply during their senior year or immediately after GED test completion. The Oregon Promise grant has rolling deadlines based on when the student graduates.

            Oregon Promise  Explained Video         Oregon Promise Grant website




Career Vocational Training:

●      Apprenticeships:Apprenticeships combine on-the-job training with classroom instruction, and typically take two to four years to complete. Competition for available slots is often fierce because apprentices pay nothing for their education and are actually paid for the hours they spend learning on the job. In addition, apprentices typically command relatively high salaries when they become journey workers.


Good resources to locate an open apprenticeship program include networking with people you know who work in an apprentice trade, contacting Lane Community College Apprenticeship Training Program, checking the Oregon State Apprenticeship & Training website, calling trade union offices, and contacting related professional associations.


Successfully completing basic classes in English, math, and science is considered essential for all applicants to apprenticeship programs, and most apprenticeships require a high school diploma or GED. In addition, taking special interest classes may help demonstrate an early aptitude, skills development, and improve your standing in the application process.

Apprenticeship Programs at LCC                   Oregon apprenticeship


●      Postsecondary Trade Schools:

Institutions include mechanical and automotive schools, business schools, culinary schools, art and design schools, diving schools, cosmetology schools, education programs, health care schools, legal and criminal justice schools, schools focusing on occupations in the media, real estate schools, technology schools, and travel and tourism schools. These trade schools offer diplomas or certificates that employers nationwide will accept. They also provide their students with assistance in meeting necessary licensing requirements.


These search sites help you locate trade schools by field of study and location:


●      Cosmetology:

○      Are you interested in hair design, barbering, nails, and aesthetics? You need not to look further! GHS has a Cosmetology Program right on campus! For more information please contact Shirely Arnett, GHS Cosmetology Teacher.


●      Real Estate License

○      A broker license is the entry-level license in Oregon. A licensed real estate broker can conduct professional real estate activity as defined in ORS 696.010​ while supervised by a principal broker.​

○      Qualifications: Be 18 years old. Have a high school diploma or GED.


Learn more about the six branches of service: Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marine Corps & Space Fore and the requirements for enlisting


Job Opportunities

Local Employment opportunities

Resume Template of high school students without much work experience

How Teens Can Answer, "Tell me about yourself" in interviews

Looking for a job in the food industry? The first step is getting your Oregon Food Handlers Card.

  1. Watch the videos and take the practice quizzes.
  2. Then take the Oregon Food Handlers Card Test!
    1. Oregon Food Handlers Card



Volunteer opportunities:

●      What you need to know about volunteering + you can earn high school credit towards high school graduation requirements!    Volunteer Form Link to form:


●      Volunteer opportunities in our community