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Course Offerings

The Brattain Campus offers our high school students a variety of courses to meet students' needs and interests! Check out our curriculum guides because we have so many options! If you don’t see something please contact us!

GHS Curriculum Guide            SPSOnline Grades 9-12  Courses

Do you have a job or volunteering somewhere?  Are you interested in getting one or exploring various careers?  You can earn elective credit towards graduation through our work experience/career development program.  Why not earn graduation credit while also getting paid at your job or volunteering in the community?  

Volunteer Form Link to form:             Career work experience  (CWE)-Paid work experience Link

Behind in Credit?  Night school may be an option for you !
Brattain Campus Night school: 
●    Duration:     4 weeks
●    Hours/Days:      2 hrs/ 2 nights a week (M/W or Tues/Thurs
●    Time:        4pm- 6pm
●    Credits         .5 credits per class! 
●    Location: In person at Brattain Campus: 425 10th Street

*Courses will be offered per student need and interest