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About Brattain Campus

Brattain Campus' alternative education mission is to provide viable educational options for students experiencing difficulty in the traditional system. Programs are characterized by smaller class sizes and individualized attention to learning. 

Instruction is designed to meet individual student learning styles as well as social and emotional needs. Teachers build connections with students and focus on vocational and career skills, including independent study options.


Our Comprehensive Set of Student Supports and Services

Small Class Sizes
Wrap Around Services
Accelerated Classes

Cosmetology Program
Credit Recovery
Pregnant & Teen Parent Services

College and Career Planning
GED Programming
Child Care

Online Courses
Mental Health Support

Learning Pathways at Brattain Campus

Gateways High School

When it comes to completing high school you have options! Gateways high school provides students a variety of ways to complete high school. Students work with their counselor to develop an individualized education plan to meet their needs. 
Our mission is to empower students to reach their goals through personalized connections to negotiate future obstacles and become life-long learners and successful citizens. We offer a positive culturally aware, safe, and student-centered high school that is responsive to varied student learning needs.

Gateways High School is a place for students who:

  • May need more time to achieve their education plan.
  • Grades 10 through fifth-year seniors.
  • Need smaller classes with fewer students.
  • Are motivated to be in school and willing to try to succeed.
  • Are college and/or career bound.
  • Need extra help in meeting graduation requirements.
  • May be behind in course credits.
  • Need extra support to succeed in post-secondary education.
  • Are pregnant or parenting (regardless of high school grade level).
  • Are interested in Cosmetology- students who are interested in getting licensed in hair/barbering/esthetician/nails while completing their high school diploma in grades 11-12. 


SPSOnline has served Springfield School District families for over a decade. SPSOnline is a comprehensive K-12 online program designed for students who want a long- term virtual learning model, where they can set their daily schedule and move through independent learning modules at their own pace with regular check-ins with teachers for support and progress monitoring. This independent program is student-led and individualized with recorded lessons. 

Benefits of an independent learning model with the great flexibility:

  • Instruction is provided through computer based curriculum and videos which allows students to move the lesson at their own pace.
  • Individualized support from teachers and mentors.
  • FREE course options using Stride powered by “K-12” courses.
  • Highly qualified teachers. 
  • Schedule flexibility-students & families can set their daily schedule to complete work.
  • Access to your neighborhood schools for select activities.
  • Elementary students will have a required live virtual student/family check-in one time a month.
  • Secondary students will have a required live virtual student check-in twice a month with  their advisor.  

Brattain Online

Brattain Online is a comprehensive K-5 online program taught by local Springfield teachers using SPS curriculum , in which students will have daily scheduled classes with live real time virtual teaching and connection. It will include synchronous and asynchronous programming. 

Benefits of asynchronous learning option:

  • Daily live instruction in a virtual classroom with a set schedule but also includes asynchronous learning opportunities. 
  • Provides a smooth transition for students who are looking for a similar learning approach as our brick and mortar schools utilize but in a virtual venue.  
  • Daily interactions with teachers and peers to help develop social emotional skills.
  • Uses Springfield Public Schools Curriculum.
  • Uses Springfield Highly Qualified Teachers.

GED Program

Brattain Campus hosts the General Education Development (GED) for all of Springfield Public Schools. Students are referred to the district GED program at Brattain Campus by their school counselor, (A3, GHS, SHS, THS, SPSOnline) Student’s counselors will meet with the student to discuss if they meet the criteria.

If you meet the criteria your counselor will refer you to the GED program and staff from Brattain Campus will contact you with specific information on next steps. 

*NOTE: If you have never attended any Springfield School District high schools or if you have moved into the Springfield school district attendance area and have previously been enrolled in a GED program through another district or state,  please contact us at (541) 744-8862 to see if you qualify for the GED program